While Nigerians are busy protesting, this husband was enjoying beating up his wife to pulp.

It's nothing new that newly wedded couples do have little arguments or any disagreements but will later end up sorting out things on their own. 

While many Nigerians are getting killed on the protest ground,  this useless husband was busy showing his power at home. 
Even if she was caught cheating with another man,  she shouldn't have gotten beaten up to this extent. 

Nigerians have started the #EndPoliceBrutality Protest for some weeks now,  I think it's high time we also start the #EndWomanHarassment & #EndUselessHusband’s Protest. 

No man has the right to beat up his wife anyway he wants,  and some Nigerians  will  begin to share their own views which isn't even needed. 

Some might tell her to stay and fight for her marriage but the truth is that,  such marriage isn't worth fighting for. 

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