Twitter User: Lankyboi advises girls to always appreciate their man - See reason

A twitter user @lankyboi took to his twitter page and wrote girls should always appreciate their  boyfriends who go extra miles to protect them.

Although,  he is actually right about that,  most man will go to any extent to make sure their woman is protected or in a safe hand. 

Backing his statement, he talked about guys who escort their girlfriends back to their houses after a visit, and how they don’t usually get the appreciation they deserve for their kind gesture.

According to @Lankyboi, boyfriends usually end up running back home with fear of being attacked by street touts and hoodlums on the way.

In his words;

“Do girls even know that after escorting them in the night, we always run back home with our slippers in our hand. You all need to commend our efforts to be honest” 

See screenshot of his tweet below; 

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