How to cook Ofada stew/sauce popularly known as obe ata dindin.

Ofada sauce/stew (obe ata dindin) is known to be one of the  popular Nigerian Stew which is peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria Which is now enjoyed by other tribes including Hausa's and Igbos.

It's true that everyone have different ways of preparing their meal,  so today, I am going to teach you one of the best way to cook your ofada stew(obe ata dindin). 

Most Nigerians prefer adding the local seasoning “Locust beans” which yorubas call “Iru woro”.

The locus beans gives it a special aroma and makes it super healthy too.

There is nothing to rush about, so you just have to stay calm when it comes to cooking any meal  even if you're competing with someone. 

While cooking your ofada Stew,  you can decide to cook it with assorted meats like “Shaaki, aboodi, Edo,” or you can decide to cook it with a goat meat “Ogufe” . It depends on the type of meats you eat and don't. 

  • One small basket of “ata rodo” Scotch Peppers
  • one small bunch of “ata gbigbe” Red chili peppers.
  • One small basket of “tatashe” Red bell peppers.
  • Three to Four semi riped tomatoes
  • One big onions
  • One wrap of “Iru woro” locust beans.
  • Assorted meats
  • Brown cow skin “Pomo”
  • Hard boiled eggs (as much as you want) 
  • Maggi and small cup of salt (Knorr or any other Maggi of your choice). 
Steps :
I will be talking about the 6 different steps in which the ofada stew can be prepared.. ..

  • First step: Make sure to wash the meats and the cow skin “Pomo” thoroughly, and boil with;
  1. Salt. 
  2. Maggi.
  3. Onions.
  4. Garlic, then boil until it's almost soft. 

  • Second step: Wash up the vegetables “ The onions, tomatoes and the peppers” When I said wash,  I didn't mean with soap and water 😁😁. Blend them altogether “Just semi-blend, not smoothly”.

  • Third step: Place a dry pot on a medium heat fire,  add your palm oil “make sure it becomes heated”  then you can also slice onions into the heated oil. 

  • Fourth step: Add your semi blended vegetables “Peppers, tomatoes, and onion” into the pot then stir together. Allow it to fry for like 10-12min (it depends on the soup quality)

  • Fifth step: Once the oil starts to show on the surface,  then pour in the boiled meats and pomo. Add little water to it and can also add the locust beans “iru woro” at this point.
Remember the Locust beans is meant to give it a special aroma and is said to be healthy for it. 

  • Sixth step: Make sure to stir together and allow to cool till the water content is almost dried. 
(For those who wishes to add the hard boiled eggs) This is the right time to do so and allow to boil below boiling point.

  • Final step: Stir gently and taste for salt then your obe ata dindin is ready to eat. 

Note: The ofada Stew can also be served with white rice, some can decide to add it to their pasta also. 

Source: Arihorlasblog 

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