Health : Five (5) Benefits of eating Locust Beans

Locust beans
Locust beans belongs to the plant family Mimosaceae of the Leguminosae and  has been known for it's nourishment.

For years now, It's been called several names by different tribes in Africa; 

Lets take Nigeria for instance,  it's been called  “Iru” by the yorubas,  “Ogiri” by the Igbos and  “Dawa- Dawa” by the hausas. It has also been known to be called “Neatehtu” among the Wollof tribe in both senegal and Gambia.

But the truth is,  most people don't know the benefits of eating or adding the locust beans into their stew or foods. 

So,  I'm going to talk about Five (5) common benefits of the locust beans;

1. Good vision : Locust beans is known to consist of natural ingredients & nutrients,   therefore, people with eye issues like myopia, cataract, minus eyes. So, consuming  it will help to have a better vision.

2. Helps control blood sugar level: As we all know, the human body requires sugar so as to produce  enough energy , but excess of sugar might causes diabetes. So, locust beans will help control blood the sugar level in the body. 

3. Helps treat stroke : Stroke often happens when blood supplying to the brain suddenly gets interrupted which could be fatal. So,  consuming good amount of locust beans could help protect the body against stroke. 

4. Helps heal wounds : Wounds comes in two different ways; Internal and external . Consuming the beans could help cure your internal wounds like “ulcer” and for the external wounds, the leaves when pounded can be applied on wounds.
Note: The beans itself can also also be applied on the wounds 

5. Helps improve food digestion : Eating a good amount of locust beans helps improve digestion. Good digestion will give you a healthy body as the excretion process in the body will be facilitated which will prevent constipation.

Remember, health is wealth.  Therefore,  consuming good and healthy locust beans will give you a good health. 

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